Creature  •  2/2

CategoryPlaying cards
Size88 x 63 mm

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The hunting pack

Stars adorned the night sky as diamonds, glistening in a dark sea overhead. Their hunting grounds varied from night to night. Wild Wolves hunted hares and boars, and other small creatures.

A new patch of deep woods they hadn’t been to before. Always exciting to explore new territories. The hare they chased was fast, but they would catch up eventually. Under a bush, over gnarled branches, through a tunnel of roots… into a clearing. The pool reflected the full moon. The pack reached the forest glade from multiple sides. All equally mesmerised by the pale and smooth water. The wolves approached and started drinking. The draught made their eyes and feet radiate with a permeating glow.

From that night forward, the pack hunted more than just small creatures.

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