Card Game Tokens was founded with a singular goal: create gaming experiences filled with rich story and artwork, and translate that to physical products players can enjoy. We endeavor to bring our vision to the players’ table. The stories we tell and the art we create merge flawlessly in the premium-quality products we produce.

Remon had this idea of creating his own tokens. He saw the opportunity to start something magical when he met Rogier at a Magic: the Gathering tournament. Both equally impressed by the other, they went to work and founded Card Game Tokens. Their shared passion took shape not only as token cards, but all kinds of tabletop gaming accessories.

Rogier van de Beek has been a freelance illustrator and designer for over 9 years. He has a fierce passion for storytelling and character design. He uses Photoshop to design, sketch and paint all his work, including everything he has done for Card Game Tokens. All our products from tokens to playmats are adorned with his artwork.

Remon Schoot is a designer and brand builder, and has worked for several marketing agencies in the Netherlands. He shares Rogier’s passion for storytelling. A perfectionist at heart, he goes to great lengths to “get things right”.

Being both new to the field of gaming accessories, it has been a creative and constantly evolving process. “Do we think this is cool enough? Would we use it ourselves?” is a question they keep asking themselves, testing their ideas.

Challenging the norm is what excites us.
Designing visually stunning products is what drives us.
Visualising stories into art is what defines us.

We are Card Game Tokens
Remon & Rogier