Card Game Tokens  is the brainchild of Remon and Rogier. These two Dutch guys bumped into each other at a M:tG Tournament in The Netherlands. As Remon was desperately trying not to lose in the first round, Rogier sat on some high and uncomfortable chair, trying to show off his art and sign some playmats which he graciously designed for the tournament.

Soon after the tournament (that went pretty poorly for him) Remon decided that, if he would be losing at Magic more often, he would do so in style: with tokens he would design himself. Of course, stick-figures wouldn’t do, so he approached Rogier for help. Rogier was on board immediately (*grmbl*)!

They decided it would be a good idea to set up a Kickstarter campaign to get initial funding. Well… that failed terribly. But! It didn’t matter, ’cause they were determined that this vision was worth exploring. The idea for ‘’ had taken root in their brains. And thus, they carried on. Unfunded, full of motivation and willpower to bring this idea to life.

Rogier, who is a monkey that draws, started drawing and painting frantically, non-stop for days on end. Remon, who is a wizard when it comes to creating websites, decided he would take on the task of creating the webshop and take care of the branding, logo and card frame designs.

Together they run the business and try to have the most fun possible while doing so! We create all our tokens with the utmost care and passion. We hope you can see that when you put the tokens on the table, and have them slash your opponents to bits (figuratively speaking).

Remon & Rogier