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Finish Non-foil
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TypePlaying cards
Set Dawnlight
Size88 x 63 mm
High-quality white 1/1 Spirit token for Magic: the Gathering. Available in foil and in multiple languages!

The mysterious void

Life, death, time… everything is relative. Everything is fleeting. The only things that matter are Light and Darkness.

In a previous life, she had been a warrior philosopher; a truthseeker. People who venture far and wide to find answers to questions they asked themselves. Some regard truthseekers as crazy hermits. Others view them as the wise seers, and often ask them for counsel. Whatever your views, they are formidable warriors.

She had broken free of the yoke of life. With a sacrificial ritual, she tore loose the chains that bound her to the earthly realm. Now, she was free to dole and look for answer between all realms. She had learned so much, but now there was even more she didn’t understand. The truth was out there… somewhere.

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