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TypePlaying cards
Set Dawnlight
Size88 x 63 mm
High-quality white 4/4 Angel token for Magic: the Gathering. Available in foil and in multiple languages!

The last stand

The dark sky that preceded the invasion by the dark army made it seem as if the sun had never risen. They had been surrounded. In one last moment, the commander of the human army made a last stand. He called the remaining knights to his side and performed a valiant charge into the heart of the dark army.

But as if a stone had been thrown into a pond, the dark creatures collapsed onto the riders like a rebounding wave. The commander threw his eyes skyward, silently praying the end would be brief and he’d be embraced by the Light. But something made him open his eyes, and he noticed a crack in the dark clouds above. A blade of pure light pierced the blackened sky. His heart filled with hope as he watched winged figures descend upon the battlefield.

It wasn’t too late. The Army of Redemption had come.

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